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We are Fortbrave Investigations


We are UK based private investigators for corporate, legal & private

At FortBrave Investigations we combine decades of corporate experience with professional licenced investigators to offer a range of corporate, legal and private services. We use a tailored approach to ensure we gather the relevant facts and information to support a variety of corporate problems from internal theft, absenteeism, abuse of internal systems through to process serving and due diligence. We understand the complex makeup of the corporate sector and have the necessary skills to navigate throughout your business to determine the facts of the matter in hand. Our investigators are all Criminal Records Bureau checked, Licenced and operate to industry standard codes of practice. All our investigators hold industry standard recognised qualifications in Private Investigation and have a wide range of corporate experience. We always operate within the UK law.

While corporate work forms the foundations of what we do, we also offer a range of solutions for matrimonial and relationship matters, personal theft, people/debtor tracing and GPS tracking. We understand these matters are highly sensitive and we operate with complete privacy and discretion ensuring we deliver the facts required to make informed decisions and for your peace of mind.

We also offer advice on the installation of smart security and can advise on best practice, required hardware for best coverage as well as software and setup. With so many options to choose from, we are able to advise on the best options for you or your business.

The first initial conversation with an investigator is always free and in many cases an initial conversation puts minds to rest until the facts can be established and delivered. No matter what your problem is, let us find the facts and uncover the truth so you can move forward and make informed decisions, backed up by professionally acquired information.